Bill Guffey ~ American Artist

Farmland No. 93 - Oil

Farmland No. 93
30" x 40", oil, $3000.00 unframed



Here's a link to a PDF Book containing Farmland No. 1 - 36.



Art critic Brian Sherwin, Editor of The Art Edge, commented on artist Bill Guffey's Farmland Series. Sherwin said, "Abstract painting is deeply rooted in landscape painting. In fact, several notable abstract painters started out as traditional landscape painters. The connection between landscape and abstract painting has been noted by a wave of artists and art historians over the decades -- some painters still mesh the two directions in a visibly noticeable way. Artist Bill Guffey's Farmland Series is a prime example of this direction. I enjoy his visually engaging work."



"Dynamic and invigorating, the sumptuous work of Bill Guffey

tantalizes our senses and keeps our attention riveted. "

~ Informed Collector


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